RE: [patch]:MC/MT enabling/identification for IA-64

From: Seth, Rohit <>
Date: 2005-02-25 13:22:44
David Mosberger <> wrote on Thursday,
February 24, 2005 5:27 PM:

>>>>>> On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 10:24:40 -0800, "Seth, Rohit"
>>>>>> <> said: 
>   Rohit> I agree that the format of these fields should match the
>   Rohit> format of other fields in cpuinfo.....though it will be nice
>   Rohit> if we have the same format as that of i386 cpuinfo output.
> I'm not sure there is much point to that:
>  (a) The contents of /proc/cpuinfo is by definition
> architecture-specific 

No arguments there.

>  (b) Applications _should_ allow any whitespace when parsing
>      /proc/cpuinfo, so in properly-written applications, it shouldn't
>      matter whether whitespace or tabs are used.
> Changing the formatting of /proc/cpuinfo only runs the risk of
> existing tools, without benefit to properly written applications.

I hope there are not that many apps that have this
behavior...particularly if they are (/want to be) portable.

In any case, I will have this changed (tabs replaced with white space)
in next rev of this patch.

>   Rohit> I was thinking of this information as something that apps can
>   Rohit> use to find the information about which logical execution
>   Rohit> units (leu) are threads on the same core, which leu are on
>   Rohit> the same package and so on.  This is similar to i386(HT
>   Rohit> enabled processors) where siblings gives the number of
>   Rohit> threads on the same package.
> I'm not a fan of including redudant info in /proc files.

I think we should have some consistency (wherever possible) in
/proc/cpuinfo fields across architectures.  This will help applications
writers.  Currently siblings and cpu core fields are already added for
i386 and x86_64.  


>   Rohit> Typically the field names in various PAL call related data
>   Rohit> structures match their definition in SDM....
> I don't think we need to constrain ourselves too much to what the PAL
> names are.  That code is part of the kernel and it should be readable.

I probably should send you a bigger PAL field cleanup patch first ;-)

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