Re: IA64 memory

From: Bukie Mabayoje <>
Date: 2005-02-25 05:40:58
Below is a sample memory map from EFI. You will see gaps between the memory types.
The GRANULE is a chunk of available memory. e.g  the second line is a GRANULE  0x1000-0x6FFF

For trim_bottom refer to func trim_bottom():efi.c
For trip_top refer to func trim_top():efi.c

Type       Start            End               # Pages          Attributes
BS_data    0000000000000000-0000000000000FFF  0000000000000001 0000000000000009
available  0000000000001000-0000000000006FFF  0000000000000006 0000000000000009
BS_data    0000000000007000-0000000000008FFF  0000000000000002 0000000000000009
available  0000000000009000-0000000000081FFF  0000000000000079 0000000000000009
RT_data    0000000000082000-0000000000083FFF  0000000000000002 8000000000000009
available  0000000000084000-0000000000084FFF  0000000000000001 0000000000000009
BS_data    0000000000085000-000000000009FFFF  000000000000001B 0000000000000009
RT_code    00000000000C0000-00000000000FFFFF  0000000000000040 8000000000000009
available  0000000000100000-000000000FFBFFFF  000000000000FEC0 000000000000000B
BS_data    000000000FFC0000-000000000FFFFFFF  0000000000000040 000000000000000B
available  0000000010000000-000000007C92DFFF  000000000006C92E 000000000000000B
LoaderData 000000007C92E000-000000007C937FFF  000000000000000A 000000000000000B
LoaderCode 000000007C938000-000000007C97DFFF  0000000000000046 000000000000000B
available  000000007C97E000-000000007CE29FFF  00000000000004AC 000000000000000B
BS_data    000000007CE2A000-000000007D000FFF  00000000000001D7 000000000000000B
available  000000007D001000-000000007D01DFFF  000000000000001D 000000000000000B
BS_data    000000007D01E000-000000007D09BFFF  000000000000007E 000000000000000B
available  000000007D09C000-000000007D09CFFF  0000000000000001 000000000000000B
BS_data    000000007D09D000-000000007D37DFFF  00000000000002E1 000000000000000B
available  000000007D37E000-000000007D6FFFFF  0000000000000382 000000000000000B
BS_code    000000007D700000-000000007D77DFFF  000000000000007E 000000000000000B
available  000000007D77E000-000000007D8B5FFF  0000000000000138 000000000000000B
RT_data    000000007D8B6000-000000007D8FFFFF  000000000000004A 8000000000000009
BS_code    000000007D900000-000000007F97FFFF  0000000000002080 000000000000000B
available  000000007F980000-000000007F9FFFFF  0000000000000080 000000000000000B
RT_code    000000007FA00000-000000007FDFFFFF  0000000000000400 8000000000000009
PAL_code   000000007FE00000-000000007FE3FFFF  0000000000000040 8000000000000009
RT_code    000000007FE40000-000000007FE97FFF  0000000000000058 8000000000000009
available  000000007FE98000-000000007FED9FFF  0000000000000042 000000000000000B
RT_code    000000007FEDA000-000000007FF45FFF  000000000000006C 8000000000000009
RT_data    000000007FF46000-000000007FFFFFFF  00000000000000BA 8000000000000009
MemMapIO   00000000FE000000-00000000FEFFFFFF  0000000000001000 0000000000000001
RT_data    00000000FF000000-00000000FFFFFFFF  0000000000001000 8000000000000001
MemMapIO   00000FFFF8000000-00000FFFFBFFFFFF  0000000000004000 8000000000000001
MemPortIO  00000FFFFC000000-00000FFFFFFFFFFF  0000000000004000 8000000000000001

Vaibhav Sharma wrote:

> hi,
> Thanks for the details regarding the elilo and the memory map..
> Actually my task involves investigating the IA64 memory code and I had
> some more queries regarding the "efi_memmap_walk" function in efi.c.
> It would be great if I could get some help regarding this.
> Here is the flow of the fuction(i may be wrong in my interpretation):
> 1. scan all the efi memory descriptors in a "for" loop.
> 2. exclude the non-WB memory.
> 3. find the granule address (the comments in the file say that
> [granule address - non-WB memory address] gives the contigous WB
> memory). Then calculate the non-WB address.
> 4. in function "trim_bottom", it reduces the number of pages for the
> decriptor according to the granule.
> 5. recalculate the non-wb address (shift it forward??).
> 6. calls trim_top according to the " last granule address".
> 7. calculate "start" and "end" addresses for the zone, check   for merging.
> 8. after moving across all the descriptors, calls "callback"
> Actually I am not able to understand what is a GRANULE in IA64 and how
> is it calculated, which uses the IA64_GRANULE_SIZE define.Is it
> because of the  un-implemented bits in ia64..?. Also, why is that the
> granule size ("last granule size") is recalculated (trim_bottom
> earlier and trim_top now).
> TIA..
> ---
> vaibhav
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