Investment Capital

From: <>
Date: 2005-02-20 06:54:28
Re: Investment Capital.

Your contact has been gotten from after a search for a
person whom we can jointly invest Trust in and also
solicit a Honourable partnership with.

I represent a client and my client has interest to do
business relative to investments in your country in
areas related to agriculture or any business of your
choice, to initiate a proper and structured

Please let me know what your response will be to an
offer to receive the investment funds :

1. The said fund amounts to Ten Million Pounds sterling.
2.The said fund will be transferred to you in same

3.The fund is intended to be invested through your
agency in the purchase of facilities and
assets, for the said purposes within your country.

4. This transaction will result in you being paid a
commission of 10% off the investment capital and 
another 10% of after annual tax income.

5.The fund owners desire absolute confidentiality and
professionalism in the handling of this matter as the 
people involved are top government officials.
Please respond urgently and if you do not intend to 
help, i will respect your privacy and stop contacting


Solicitor. Frank West

NB: Please reply to:

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