Re: Which 2.4 kernel tree I should use for ia64?

From: Christian Hildner <>
Date: 2005-02-04 17:55:49
Bjorn Helgaas schrieb:

>The most recent 2.4 patch for ia64 is here:
>I haven't been producing 2.4 patches recently because I don't
>think anyone would actually use them.
>My assumption is that most people using 2.4 kernels on ia64 are
>running distro kernels, and distros are only interested in backports
>of specific bugfixes, not in ia64 patches for new 2.4 kernels.
>If my assumption is incorrect, and somebody does care about new
>ia64 patches for 2.4, please speak up!
Ok, we are using 2.4 kernels with ia64 patches. I cannot imagine the 
efford to make patches for newer kernels. But we shouldn't loose contact 
to the current tree. Or could you recommend prefering unpatched 2.4.29 
against patched 2.4.26?


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