IA64 memory

From: Vaibhav Sharma <vaibhav.sh_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2005-02-03 15:51:42
I am investigating how linux initializes the memory in IA64 machine.
the flow, very broadly (i think) is:
**start_kernel-> setup_arch-> find_memory-> efi_memmap_walk ** ( it
does all all other things like unwind_init, efi_init, etc, inbetween).
The function efi_memmap_walk uses the "IA64_boot_param" structure to
read the memory map. I wanted to know where and how this structure is
initialized, I mean how does it access the EFI table.
Are call-backs used to initialize this structure..??..Do these
call-backs use the API's to EFI table management...?

Please do help....
Vaibhav Sharma.
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