Re: [patch] Resched skip_rbs_switch to run 4 cycles faster on McKinley-type cores.

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2005-01-28 16:22:36
>>>>> On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 14:04:35 +1100, Keith Owens <> said:

  >>  How is this different from the "unw_init_from_interruption" call
  >> that we're doing in mca.c:init_handler_platform()?

  Keith> That only works for the INIT call which uses the current
  Keith> bspstore, MCA uses its own bspstore.

Ah, OK, I understand now what you're after.



PS: For what it's woth, I did start work on a libunwind-enabled kernel.
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