Re: Extend clear_page by an order parameter

From: Christoph Lameter <>
Date: 2005-01-25 07:33:47
On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, David S. Miller wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 08:37:15 -0800 (PST)
> Christoph Lameter <> wrote:
> > Then it may also be better to pass the page struct to clear_pages
> > instead of a memory address.
> What is more generally available at the call sites at this time?
> Consider both HIGHMEM and non-HIGHMEM setups in your estimation
> please :-)

The only call site is prep_zero_page which has a GFP flag, the order and
the pointer to struct page.

The patch makes the huge page code call prep_zero_page and scrubd will
also call prep_zero_page.
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