Re: Horrible regression with -CURRENT from "Don't busy-lock-loop in preemptable spinlocks" patch

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2005-01-19 20:18:06
>>>>> "Ingo" == Ingo Molnar <> writes:

Ingo> * Peter Chubb <> wrote:

>> Here's a patch that adds the missing read_is_locked() and
>> write_is_locked() macros for IA64.  When combined with Ingo's
>> patch, I can boot an SMP kernel with CONFIG_PREEMPT on.
>> However, I feel these macros are misnamed: read_is_locked() returns
>> true if the lock is held for writing; write_is_locked() returns
>> true if the lock is held for reading or writing.

Ingo> well, 'read_is_locked()' means: "will a read_lock() succeed"

Fail, surely?

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