Re: pipe performance regression on ia64

From: Nick Piggin <>
Date: 2005-01-19 10:34:30
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Luck, Tony wrote:
>>David Mosberger:
>>>So, when we run bw_pipe on a low load SMP machine, the kernel running in
>>>a way load balancer always trying to spread out 2 processes while the
>>>wake_up_interruptible_sync() is always trying to draw them back into
>>>1 cpu.
>>>Linus's patch will reduce the change to call wake_up_interruptible_sync()
>>>a lot.
>>>For bw_pipe writer or reader, the buffer size is 64k.  In a 16k page
>>>kernel. The old kernel will call wake_up_interruptible_sync 4 times but
>>>the new kernel will call wakeup only 1 time.
> Yes, it will depend on the buffer size, and on whether the writer actually 
> does any _work_ to fill it, or just writes it.
> The thing is, in real life, the "wake_up()" tends to be preferable, 
> because even though we are totally synchronized on the pipe semaphore 
> (which is a locking issue in itself that might be worth looking into), 
> most real loads will actually do something to _generate_ the write data in 
> the first place, and thus you actually want to spread the load out over 
> CPU's.
> The lmbench pipe benchmark is kind of special, since the writer literally 
> does nothing but write and the reader does nothing but read, so there is 
> nothing to parallellize.
> The "wake_up_sync()" hack only helps for the special case where we know 
> the writer is going to write more. Of course, we could make the pipe code 
> use that "synchronous" write unconditionally, and benchmarks would look 
> better, but I suspect it would hurt real life.
> The _normal_ use of a pipe, after all, is having a writer that does real
> work to generate the data (like 'cc1'), and a sink that actually does real
> work with it (like 'as'), and having less synchronization is a _good_ 
> thing.
> I don't know how to make the benchmark look repeatable and good, though.  
> The CPU affinity thing may be the right thing.

Regarding scheduler balancing behaviour:

The problem could also be magnified in recent -bk kernels by the
"wake up to an idle CPU" code in sched.c:try_to_wake_up(). To turn
this off, remove SD_WAKE_IDLE from include/linux/topology.h:SD_CPU_INIT
and include/asm/topology.h:SD_NODE_INIT

David I remember you reporting a pipe bandwidth regression, and I had
a patch for it, but that hurt other workloads, so I don't think we
ever really got anywhere. I've recently begun having another look at
the multiprocessor balancer, so hopefully I can get a bit further with
it this time.

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