Re: [patch] add BUG call to overlapping vma fix

From: Arun Sharma <>
Date: 2005-01-15 10:36:13
On 1/14/2005 8:52 AM, Jason Baron wrote:
> hi,
> It seems that in ia64_elf32_init, instead of calling return, if we insert
> an overlapping vma, we should instead BUG(). We should never get into this
> code path, because the vma's are set above PAGE_OFFSET, and thus a
> Xmalicious user can not trigger this code path. This change is being
> suggested mainly for clarity. Thanks to Stephen Tweedie for pointing out
> that returning early in ia64_elf32_init could have unpredictable results.

Couldn't you get rid of a couple of more lines before the BUG()? Otherwise, the patch looks good to me.


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