Re: [PATCH] ia64: reset console_loglevel so INIT output always goes to console

From: Matthias Fouquet-Lapar <>
Date: 2005-01-10 18:54:36
> Russ Anderson <> wrote:
> >For example, having SAL rendezvous all the CPUs before calling OS_MCA 
> >may have been reasonable when linux lacked the ability to recover from 
> >an MCA.  But now that is changing, the descision to rendezvous CPUs
> >should get made later, in linux, if it cannot recover from the MCA.
> >Does it really make sense to rendezvous 512 CPUs just because one
> >CPU happened to hit a memory uncorrectable in a user application
> >(and recovers by killing the appication and discarding the page)?
> I do not see any alternative.  SAL has no idea if the OS can recover
> from a memory MCA or not, that decision has to be made by the OS.
> Leaving the rendezvous decision to the OS would significantly
> complicate the OS/SAL interface, it requires another SAL call by the
> OS, changes to every SAL version and code in the OS to work out if the
> current prom supports the SAL change or not.  If memory is failing, we
> want the other cpus to keep off that physical memory while we work
> around the problem and decide if we can recover, so we need to stop the
> other cpus anyway.

I agree with Keith. Although it might seem a bit of an overkill to
rendezvous all CPUs on large systems, I think it greatly enhances the
chances of a clean recovery. Based on my error handing experience 
on MIPS based systems with similar CPU counts, you still might have external 
interventions etc.

Getting the system into a known state for the rare recovery case is
certainly a big advantage and avoids a lot of corner cases which will
be extremly hard to test. 


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