RE: [patch] per cpu MCA/INIT fixes.

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-01-07 17:51:04
>An updated patch that applies on Jack's and builds with zx1 & tiger UP.
>The SGI UP is previously broke.  Jesse is working on that.

Build for tiger_defconfig looked pretty clean, but it doesn't boot :-(

No messages to console or serial console.  Peering into memory, I see
this in __log_buf:

<6>SAL Platform features: BusLock IRQ_Redirection.
<6>SAL: AP wakeup using external interrupt vector 0xf0.
<4>kernel BUG at mm/bootmem.c:158!.
<4>swapper[0]: bugcheck! 0 [1].
<4>Modules linked in:.
<4>.<4 >Pid: 0, CPU 0, comm:              swapper.
<4>psr : 00001010084a2010 ifs : 8000000000000690 ip  : [<a000000100766580>]    Not tainted.
<4>ip is at __alloc_bootmem_core+0x540/0x6e0.

Building with a generic config boots just fine.  So this is
possibly a discontig vs. contig problem?  Probably this allocation:

+               mca_data = __alloc_bootmem(PERCPU_MCA_SIZE * NR_CPUS,
+                                          PERCPU_MCA_SIZE, __pa(MAX_DMA_ADDRESS));

PERCPU_MCA_SIZE doesn't look likely to be a power of two, so using it
as the 'align' argument to __alloc_bootmem trips the BUG at mm/bootmem.c:158

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