[PATCH] add legacy I/O and memory access routines to /proc/bus/pci API

From: Jesse Barnes <jbarnes_at_engr.sgi.com>
Date: 2004-12-15 04:41:55
This patch adds a new optional arch specific API to /proc/bus/pci to get at 
legacy I/O and memory space.  I know most platforms will correctly route 
legacy I/O and memory accesses to some well defined bus, but some don't (I 
think some PPC machines fall into the latter category?), thus the need for 
this patch.  I've also included draft documentation for the /proc/bus/pci API 
in general since it didn't appear to be documented anywhere but in the 
source.  Comments?  I'm successfully using this to bring up gfx stuff (i.e. 
card POSTing, X) on an Altix machine.


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