RE: [PATCH 1/2] setup_arg_pages can insert overlapping vma

From: Hugh Dickins <>
Date: 2004-11-25 03:30:59
Thanks a lot for taking this further.

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Zou, Nanhai wrote:
> I think ia64 ia32
> subsystem is not vulnerable to this kind of overlapping vm problem,
> because it does not support a.out binary format, 
> X84_64 is vulnerable to this. 
> just do a 
> perl -e'print"\x07\x01".("\x00"x10)."\x00\xe0\xff\xff".("\x00"x16)'>
> evilaout
> you will get it.
> and IA64 is also vulnerable to this kind of bug in 64 bit elf support,
> it just insert a vma of zero page without checking overlap, so user can
> construct a elf with section begin from 0x0 to trigger this BUGON().I
> attach a testcase to trigger this bug
> I don't know what about s390. However, I think it's safe to check
> overlap before we actually insert a vma into vma list.

I expect you're right: I have neither machines nor expertise to say.

> And I also feel check vma overlap everywhere is unnecessary, because
> invert_vm_struct will check it again, so the check is duplicated. It's
> better to have invert_vm_struct return a value then let caller check if
> it successes.
> Here is a patch against 2.6.10.rc2-mm3
> I have tested it on i386, x86_64 and ia64 machines.

Yes, I agree, that's a welcome improvement.  I'm surprised if all
those ia64_elf32_init checks are necessary, but better safe than sorry.

Something crosses my mind, you'll know better than I: is it possible to
construct ELFs or A.OUTs which would need the check in insert_vm_struct
to be even more defensive?  That is, should it also be checking that
vma->vm_end > vma->vm_start (vma being the one to be inserted)?
Or that vma->vm_end <= TASK_SIZE?  If I remember rightly, a 0-length
vma can cause confusion but survive quite well until exit_mmap's


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