SELinux & ia64

From: Prarit Bhargava <>
Date: 2004-11-24 02:13:27
SELinux appears to cause warnings while attempting mounts both at 
boot-time and run-time:

kernel unaligned access to 0xa0000002003a0056, ip=0xa0000001002076d0
kernel unaligned access to 0xa0000002003a005e, ip=0xa0000001002076d0
kernel unaligned access to 0xa0000002003a0066, ip=0xa0000001002076d0
kernel unaligned access to 0xa0000002003a006e, ip=0xa0000001002076d0

I've tracked this to the usage of le32_to_cpu in 


The code in question uses:

    len = le32_to_cpu(buf[0]);

and should be

    len = le32_to_cpu(get_unaligned(&buf[0]));

However, this is probably not a good solution as the get_unaligned macro 
can be expensive
on platforms other than ia64. 

I'm tempted to redefine the le32_to_cpu function for policydb.c for the 
ia64 platform, but
before I go down that road I was wondering if anyone had hit this issue 
elsewhere in the kernel?

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