Re: [PATCH] Fix for kexec reboot failing after multiple continued kexec reboots

From: Jesse Barnes <>
Date: 2004-11-18 09:45:27
On Tuesday, November 16, 2004 11:37 am, Khalid Aziz wrote:
> kexec patch I had sent out earlier has bug where it appends
> "kexec_reboot" to kernel parameters blindly. After several kexec reboots
> from kexec'd kernel, kernel parameters line becomes too long and kernel
> fails to boot. Attached patch  will cure this. Patch
> kexec-ia64-reboot.diff can be applied on top of the previous patch I had
> sent. Patch includes this fix and is
> repalcement for my previous patch.
> My current kexec patches for ia64 can also be found at
> <>.

This is really neat!  It patched pretty cleanly against the latest bk (this 
stuff should get into -mm asap to help prevent it from getting stale) and my 
new boot got this far:

[root@flatearth ~]# kexec -e
Starting new kernel
Linux version 2.6.10-rc2 ( (gcc version 3.4.1) 
#1SMP Wed Nov 17 14:34:56 PST 2004
EFI v1.02 by SGI: SALsystab=0x3002514a60 ACPI 2.0=0x3002514b60
kexec'd kernel: Not virtualizing EFI
Number of logical nodes in system = 1
Number of memory chunks in system = 1

This may be due to the lack of args though, I'll fix it up so that the 
console= stuff is passed in correctly and then debug it further.

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