RE: [PATCH] kexec on ia64

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2004-11-16 08:15:25
>Here is what I am working on next:
>1. Save EFI memory map before it is trimmed.

This code has been "evolving" for a long time now, more layers
get addded to solve each new problem.  If you get time, please
step back about a half-mile and take a look at the big picture
and see you you can see a better way to do the scanning and
trimming and re-scanning.  The overall problem statement (ignore
anything except complete granules, honour the command-line arguments
max_mem/max_addr, allocate a temporary bitmap for bootmem) seems
like it shouldn't require such complex code :-)  You can add your
own new requirement to not modify the original EFI tables so that
they can be re-scanned by a new kernel after kexec (new kernel
might have a different granule size).

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