RE: request_irq() and setup_irq()

From: Tian, Kevin <>
Date: 2004-10-22 11:22:48
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>looking through the sources of 2.4.21 there come up one question. If a
>device wants to register its interrupt it may call request_irq() that
>then calls setup_irq(). Now since SA_PERCPU_IRQ is not set by the
>setup_irq() does not initialize desc->handler. Can that be fixed by
>adding SA_PERCPU_IRQ to irqflags in request_irq() or does that
>problems at another place?

ACPI can provide MADT table for lsapic and iosapic info in local system.
>From that table, linux will configure interrupt controller info for each
interrupt line when bootup. You can look at iosapic_init(), which
constructs per-line info related to iosapic. Say, by trigger mode of
specific line, register_intr() will decide whether irq_type_iosapic_edge
or irq_type_iosapic_level should be used. 

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