Re: [PATCH] Convert pgtable cache to slab

From: Martin K. Petersen <>
Date: 2004-10-20 01:59:12
>>>>> "Tony" == Luck, Tony <> writes:

>> I have made setup_gate() an initcall.

Tony> Did you build with CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT=y 

Yes I did.

Tony> ... the ia32_mem_init() call sets up some gate pages too, won't
Tony> it run into the same issue that setup_gate() does when called
Tony> before you've set up the pgtable_cache()? [Just guessing, I
Tony> didn't try this either]

No because it doesn't use the pgd/pmd/pte calls like setup_gate()

Tony> I'm going to hold off on your patch while I see what happens to
Tony> the 4-level patch.


Martin K. Petersen	Wild Open Source, Inc.
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