Re: bug in 2.6.9-rc4-mm1 ia64/mm/init.c

From: Hiroyuki KAMEZAWA <>
Date: 2004-10-13 18:44:10
David Mosberger wrote:

> Why was this patch even accepted?  It seemed rather dubious to me and
> I don't recall much discussion on its merits or safety.
> 	--david

At first, that patch it is not essential to no-bitmap-buddy patch, and removing
it is okay. It seems that test and discussion are not enough now.

Since I heared that all of the pages in a granule on ia64 are guaranteed to exist,
I included that in no-bitmap-buddy-patch.
(when pagesize=16k/granule=16M,I think this has no effect.)

My purpose was to reduce # of page fault when ia64_pfn_valid() is called.
It is called heavily in bad_range() (in mm/page_alloc.c) now.

Kame <>

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