q-tools v0.2 released

From: David Mosberger <davidm_at_napali.hpl.hp.com>
Date: 2004-10-12 01:52:44
I'm happy to announce that q-tools v0.2 has been released.  q-tools is
a collection of Linux performance analysis tools.  In particular, they
include q-syscollect and q-view, which can be thought of as being more
powerful than gprof, without its pain (no recompilation needed;
multi-threaded apps and shared libraries are supported;
kernel-execution can be profiled; any Itanium 2 PMU event can be
profiled, etc.).

As usual, you can get q-tools via the web page at:


It may take a couple of hours before the web pages migrate across the
firewall but in the meantime you may also get the q-tools-0.2 tar-ball
directly from the ftp site:


There are two major enhancements in this release:

 - SuSE Enterprise Linux 9 (SLES9) is now supported out-of-the-box
   (in addition to the existing Debian support)

 - q-syscollect now has the ability to profile the time spent in
   code which has interrupts disabled (see section
   "Blind-spot-free profiling" in the README for details).

In addition, there are many bug-fixes, in particular some nasty bugs
in q-syscollect got fixed which reared their ugly face primarily on
large SMP machines.

For additional details, I attached the relevant section from the NEWS



* News for v0.2:

** New features

*** q-syscollect: Add support for interruption-level code-sampling (-i option).
*** q-tools now builds and works out-of-the-box for SuSE (SLES 9).

** Bug fixes

*** q-syscollect: Make it robust against small RLIMIT_MEMLOCK values.
*** q-syscollect: Fix bug which could cause killing of "random" processes.
*** q-syscollect: Fix bug which could cause live-lock when the
                  sampling-buffer filled up.
*** q-syscollect: Fix a memory leak.
*** q-syscollect: Fix handling of backslashes in argument vectors.
*** q-view: Ignore non-function symbols to avoid confusion when a function
            contains a local lable.
*** q-view: Fix topological sort of the call-graph for good.
*** q-view: Ensure weird symbols such as "operator|=" get parsed properly.
*** q-view: Display fully-qualified kernel symbols as SYMNAME<kernel> for
*** q-view: Build symbol table more carefully, e.g., suppressing duplicates
            and use unwind-info to detect procedure-boundaries in stripped
*** q-view: Allow for multiple kallsyms-formated symbol-files to enable,
            e.g., firmware symbol-tables.
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