RE: [RFC/PATCH] pfn_valid() more generic : intro[0/2]

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2004-10-06 16:33:28
>ia64's ia64_pfn_valid() uses get_user() for checking whether a 
>page struct is available or not. I think this is an irregular 
>implementation and following patches
>are a more generic replacement, careful_pfn_valid(). It uses 2 
>level table.

It is odd ... but a somewhat convenient way to make check whether
the page struct exists, while handling the fault if it is in an
area of virtual mem_map that doesn't exist.  I think that in practice
we rarely call it with a pfn that generates a fault (except in error

How big will the pfn_validmap[] be for a very sparse physical space
like SGI Altix?  I'm not sure I see how PFN_VALID_MAPSHIFT is 
generated for each system.

Why do we need a loop when looking in the 2nd level?  Can't the
entry from the 1st level point us to the right place?

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