RE: RFC - freeing up ar.k5

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2004-10-06 05:27:50
>Instead of using ar.k3 for a pointer to MCA/INIT information,
>does it make more sense to have ar.k3 be a pointer to the cpu_info
>structure, and add to the cpu_info structure a pointer to the mca_cpu
>structure?  The pointers would be physical addresses, so the assember
>code could add offsets to get the correct fields.  This would add
>only a little more complexity to access the mca data, but would
>make it easier for other assembler code access to the cpu_info

I was imagining that ar.k3 would point to the physical address
of the percpu area.  Then you could declare anything you wanted
to use in MCA/INIT handlers in physical mode as PERCPU variables
and access them as "ar.k3 + (&variable - &__per_cpu_start)".
Some sort of macros to provide a little syntactic sugar would
make that fairly legible.

That way we don't clutter up cpu_info with random things. It also
uses ar.k3 in the most generic way possible.

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