RE: 2.6.9-rc2-mm2

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2004-09-24 02:10:45
>It looks like Tony is wearing the BPB.  The below patch from
Huh?  I can tell from context that this is all my fault (to which
I agree; it is), but what does "BPB" stand for?

>Process question: how is it possible that the ia64 tree could have been
>this dead for this long?

Because we have immense confusion about which combinations of
config options (NUMA, DISCONTIG, VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP, SMP) are
supported.  Kconfig allows almost any combination of them, but on
any given week only some combinations work.  The patch that broke
things for you came in to fix a problem for Peter.

I'll take a look at this.  Can you post the .config that you
are using.

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