Re: [ACPI] PATCH-ACPI based CPU hotplug[2/6]-ACPI Eject interface support

From: Keshavamurthy Anil S <>
Date: 2004-09-23 02:59:29
> In acpi_eject_store(), eject_operation() is called regardless of the
> result of acpi_bus_trim().  I think that eject_operation() should be
> called only when acpi_bus_trim() returns success.  Otherwise, a
> device stil being online will be ejected forcibly.
> Two steps might be needed to do this.
>     1. Modify acpi_bus_trim() to return success only when all the
>         acpi_bus_remove() are done successfully.
>     2. Modify acpi_eject_store() to see the result and call eject_operation()
>         only when the result is success.
Hi Kei-san,
Your idea and the patch both looks good to me. 
Thanks for eye balling the code and detecting the corner cases like this.
> Here is a patch just to show what I have in mind.  It is still based on
> the recursion, so please fix it as appropriate ;)

I will merge this with my non-recursion version of the patch and post it ASAP.

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