Re: INIT dumps broken?

From: Kazuto Miyoshi <>
Date: 2004-09-16 23:51:09

Thank you for detailed explanation.

> So if our task is anything other than the initial "init_task",
> we'll take a nice region 7 address from ar.k6, and convert to
> physical by zapping bits [63:61].  But we happen to be running
> the init_task, then ar.k6 contains a region 5 address, and we
> create a garbage address by clearing the high bits, which can
> lead to an MCA (if the address points somewhere bad) or to
> stomping on some random place (if the address happens to be a
> legal physical address).

I checked the INIT log and it showed r13 and xip had actually 0xa..
address, the "stomping on some random place" scenario is probable.
I tried reducing memory from 2GB and it reproduced the MCA.

Best Regards,
Kazuto Miyoshi, NEC
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