Re: Uncached memory allocator for ia64.

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-09-15 18:23:55
>>>>> On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:16:29 -0500, Robin Holt <> said:

  Robin> I would like to start with the general, what are we trying to
  Robin> solve?  I can not think of a single reason aside from the
  Robin> previously discussed min state area for the kernel to ever
  Robin> need to work with memory uncached.

Uh, what about device drivers that want to map physical memory with
write-combine?  Isn't that effectively what your fetchop driver does?

  Robin> Assuming there is no reason, can we pare this discussion back
  Robin> to a page based allocator?  That would be much simpler to
  Robin> work with and would not need to recombine fragments.

Quite possibly.  It certainly seems reasonable to start that way.

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