Re: Oops in free_page_and_swap_cache on 2.6.9-rc2

From: William Lee Irwin III <>
Date: 2004-09-15 02:52:06
On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 11:42:45AM -0400, James Bottomley wrote:
> I get this on a HP zx2000:
> Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
> a0007fffc7900000
> gcc[14948]: Oops 11012296146944 [4]
> Modules linked in: af_packet forte ac97_codec ehci_hcd aic79xx e1000
> tulip cmd64x ide_core usbhid ohci_hcd usbcore snd_fm801 snd_pcm
> snd_page_alloc snd_tea575x_tuner videodev snd_ac97_codec snd_opl3_lib
> snd_timer snd_hwdep snd_mpu401_uart snd_rawmidi snd_seq_device snd
> soundcore ext2 ext3 jbd mbcache sd_mod qla1280 mptscsih mptbase aic7xxx
> sym53c8xx scsi_transport_spi scsi_mod

This sound like pfn_to_page() broke again...

-- wli
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