Re: Latest Altix I/O code reorganization code

From: Christoph Hellwig <>
Date: 2004-09-04 09:40:24
Crosscheck of your new code vs the review:

> io_init.c:
>  - sal_get_hubdev_info
> 	umm, you're getting a kernel pointer by a SAL
>  	call.  I wonders how this is supposed to work when the kernel
> 	changes it's VA layout.  (Dito for a bunch of other functions)

Still not explanation

>  - sn_io_init
> 	what's going on here?


> iomv.c:
>  - okay, could use some reformatting to fit 80 chars


> pci_dma.c:
>  - still using all those indirections althoug there's only a single backend

this comment is fixed, but the one later sent in private (stupid choice
of interface beteen upper pci dma code and pcibr code ignored)

> pci_extension.c:
>  - dito.  Why does this single function need a separate file?

Not addressed.  In general your file organization is mess still.

Just do arch/ia64/sn/pci/ for all pci code and move the rest to
arch/ia64/sn/kernel.  That how most arches work.

> pcibr_ate.c:
>  - doesn't look to bad, but should probably merged into pcibr_dma.c.  And
>    the trivial < 10 line function opencoded in their only callers.

Not addressed or commented on yet.

> pcibr_provider.c
>  actual code code looks okay, but:
>   - sal_pcibr_slot_enable/sal_pcibr_slot_disabl are completely unused

you still have typedefs for these around

>   - the pci_provider abstraction is right now completely useless, please
>     add such abstractions only when you need them (and if you'll ever need
>     that a few hints:  stop that casting of methods silliness but use
>     container_of, use C99 initializers, stop the typedef abuse)


>   - request_irq return value needs checking


> pcibr_reg.c:
>  - all this casting is rather horrible.  At least keep a pointer to each
>    of struct tiocp and pic_s (and kill the _s postifx) in syruct pcibus_info.
>    the volatiles looks bogus, if you need it you're missing memorry barries.

the type pointer isn't done.  Any specific reason?

> xtalk_providers.c:
>  - bogus indirection again.  if you actually do have different lowlevel
>    implementations they should be hidden inside the prom.  While at it I think
>    the two calls could just move to arch/ia64/sn/kernel/irq.c


More items:

 - sal_pcibr_rrb_alloc should be merged into its only caller
 - io_init.c still has KDB ifdefs
 - sn_pci_set_vchan should absolutely _not_ be placed in qla1280.c,
   and while you're at it there extern for snia_pcibr_rrb_alloc should
   move to a header
 - kill HUBREG_CAST instead of touching it
 - please don't put your ASSERT into asm/ headers.  In general you
   should use BUG_ON
 - why do you add a pfn_t typedef that's not used anywhere
 - the patch adds include/asm-ia64/sn/xtalk/xtalk_provider.h but there's
   no more xtalk providers

Your headers are still a complete mess.  There's no point exposing tons
of defails about the pci interface in include/asm - just keep and
pci_extensions.h there for non-standard PCI APIs, and the rest should
stay private inisde arch/ia64/sn/pci/.
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