Re: page fault scalability patch final : i386 tested, x86_64 support added

From: William Lee Irwin III <>
Date: 2004-09-02 15:18:45
On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 21:45:20 -0700 (PDT) Christoph Lameter <> wrote:
>> Where would I find that patch?

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 09:57:41PM -0700, David S. Miller wrote:
> Attached.
> It's held up because it needs to be ported to all platforms
> before we can consider it seriously for inclusion and
> only sparc64 and ppc{,64} are converted.

Nice, I guess I can port this to a few arches. Maybe this is a good
excuse get my new (to me) Octane running, too.

-- wli
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