Re: page fault fastpath patch v2: fix race conditions, stats for 8,32 and 512 cpu SMP

From: Christoph Lameter <>
Date: 2004-08-19 11:19:14
> > - One could avoid pte locking by introducing a pte_cmpxchg. cmpxchg
> > seems to be supported by all ia64 and i386 cpus except the original 80386.
> I do think this will be a more fruitful direction than pte locking:
> just looking through the arches for spare bits puts me off pte locking.

Thanks for the support. Got a V3 here (not ready to post yet) that throws
out the locks and uses cmpxchg instead. It also removes the use of
page_table_lock completely from handle_mm_fault.
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