Re: IA64 test report: 2.4.27-rc3 /tiger 2004-8-4: 9/9 pass, atapi ide floppy issue

From: Bjorn Helgaas <>
Date: 2004-08-05 00:59:24
On Tuesday 03 August 2004 9:04 pm, Wang, Zhenyu Z wrote:
> End request I/O error of ATAPI IDE floppy when doing partition check. 
> Mount test ok after boot up in normal use. Enable IDEFLOPPY_DEBUG_xx and
> attach log below.

Have you tested the IDE floppy successfully in the past?  I guess there
is one in my i2000, but I've never used it.  The only recent ia64 changes
are these:

so you might try backing them out to start.  If those have no effect,
it's likely an upstream problem, and you might drop a note to the IDE
floppy maintainer.

Don't those things take special media?  Could it be defective media?
Can you reproduce it with another piece of media?


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