Re: [RFC IA64 Hotplug] [Patch 4/7] hotcpu_ia64.patch

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-04-27 08:14:54
Some general comments on this patch:

 - Please keep the #include list alphabetically sorted (at least in
   the ia64-specific files).  Doing so not only makes it easier to
   find the right include, but it also tends to expose implicit &
   broken include-dependendencies.

 - Please don't mangle whitespace unnecessarily (e.g., don't
   add/delete whitespace in code that you don't change otherwise).

 - There appear to be testing/workaround-hacks in play_dead().  I
   assume you're working on resolving those.

 - Don't initialize global variables explicitly with zeros.  That
   happens automatically (and with older compilers, it will needlessly
   inflate the size of the data area).

 - I really dislike it when function pointers are invoked without
   explicit dereferencing.  I know that other Linux kernel developers
   disagree, but I'd appreciate it if we could at least try to keep
   the ia64-code clean in that way.  Please use (*foo)(args) instead
   of foo(args).  Transparency is one of the nicer features of C,
   let's take advantage of that!


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