RE: cacheble to uncachble change

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-04-27 07:46:01
>>>>> On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:24:58 -0700, "Jim Hull" <> said:

  Jim> In addition to what David wrote, which I completely agree with,
  Jim> you also need to be aware that it is platform dependent whether
  Jim> any particular address range supports cacheable, uncacheable,
  Jim> or both attributes.  System firmware communicates to the OS
  Jim> which attributes are allowed for which address ranges.  I'm not
  Jim> familiar with how ia64-linux exposes this info within the
  Jim> kernel (maybe David could fill you in).

The EFI memory attributes for a particular physical address can be
looked up in ia64 linux via:

 unsigned long efi_mem_attributes (unsigned long phys_addr);

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