RE: [RFC IA64 Hotplug] [Patch 1/7] core_kernel_init.patch

From: Ashok Raj <>
Date: 2004-04-27 02:16:44

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>Subject: Re: [RFC IA64 Hotplug] [Patch 1/7] core_kernel_init.patch
>These patches were disastrously wordwrapped by your mailer (usually an
>indication that the code is using too-long lines, too).
>Having nothing better to do, I fixed them all up and applied them to my
>tree, thanks.
>One of the patches adds a KDB initialisation hook to init/main.c.  Was this

Nope. The kdb was inadvertently included by mistake.. sorry about that.

I forgot one step in using the LOOKOUT to get the word wrap thingy to fix..
I will be careful the next time :-(

ashok raj
- Linux Core Software Group

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