RE: [RFC IA64 Hotplug] [Patch 7/7] migrate_irq.patch

From: Ashok Raj <>
Date: 2004-04-26 14:47:25
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>Subject: RE: [RFC IA64 Hotplug] [Patch 7/7] migrate_irq.patch
>Hi Ashok,
>I think some parts of your patch are required not only to support
>CPU removal, but also to fix the following problem of IRQ affinity of
>current ia64 linux :)
>Current irq_affinity_write_proc() changes unmasked RTEs by force.
>But I think it is dangerous because it might cause a race condition
>if some interrupts are generated while changing the RTE.
>Your patch solves this problem by changing the RTE while the
>interrupt is pending, doesn't it?

Thanks for looking in to the patch Kaneshige san. 

You are correct. This patch also has a portion required by general affinity
handler code. I was planning to do this separately, but got a little lazy
and put both together.. :-) 

Ashok Raj
[Linux core software team]

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