best meds here

From: alphonso <>
Date: 2004-04-17 20:36:35
dasha cuddles blondie doom2 arizona bobcat beanie swimming obiwan 

Lev|it'ra - You|'ve s'een it on TV, now you can get it at a fr'ac'ti"on of what th"ey`re as`king!

Or`der toda`y!

Lo'we"st pric"es on the ma`rket!

caesar qwerty12 miranda dougie racerx awesome cobra passion republic 
polo jordan23 dexter bmw scooter1 montreal sapphire flight meow sweety pearl minou olivier 
arizona nick cutie raptorbobcat whitney center mailer canced mookie jan suzuki scooby 
godzilla irene bullet sasha stop!  no more:
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