RE: hugetlb demand paging patch part [0/3]

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2004-04-16 03:08:22
>>>> David Gibson wrote on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 11:43 PM
> >
> > Some caveats:  I don't have sh and sparc64 hardware to test.  But hugetlb
> > code in these two arch looked like a triplet twin of x86 code.  So I'm
> > pretty sure it will work right out of box.  I've monkeyed around with
> > ppc64 code and after a while I realized it should be left for the experts.
> > I'm sure there are plenty ppc64 developers out there that can get it done
> > in no time.
> To the extent that I understand your patches, it shouldn't be that
> hard to adapt for ppc64, with one caveat: on ppc64, unlike the other
> hugepage archs, the format of hugepage PTEs is not identical to the
> format of normal PTEs.  So to do this for ppc64, the generic parts of
> your code will need to use a hugepte_t instead of pte_t - it can be
> typedeffed to pte_t on archs other than ppc64.  Likewise there will
> need to be hugepte_none() and so forth macros.

I think it would be cleaner if ppc64 change its format instead of changing
4 other arch to accommodate ppc64.  By the way, why do you need to special
typedef hugepte_t? pte for huge page aren't anything special on all other

- Ken

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