Re: 32 bit application on IA-64 Linux

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2004-04-15 14:01:45
>>>>> "Srikanta" == Srikanta R <Srikanta> writes:

Srikanta> Hi Arun, Thanks for the information. Can you please tell me
Srikanta> where I can get it from ?

If you're running debian, there's a prebuilt cross compiler available
from the Gelato Debian repository


or just add this to /etc/apt/sources.list :

   deb unstable/$(ARCH)/
   deb unstable/all/
   deb-src unstable/source/

and install gcc-i386-linux and binutils-i386-linux

You'll also need to install the ia32-libs package, and
toolchain-source, then do 
  tpkg-install-libc i386-linux
to get the development libraries and headers.

Disclaimer:  I haven't actually done all this.

Another approach would be to install an IA32 native toolchain under

Both dpkg and rpm allow you to specify a root directory; just specify

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