RE: [Lse-tech] RE: [PATCH] HUGETLB memory commitment

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2004-04-06 03:01:21
>>>> Ray Bryant wrote on Mon, April 05, 2004 8:27 AM
> Chen, Kenneth W wrote:
> >
> > A simple counter won't work for different file offset mapping.  It has to
> > be some sort of per-inode, per-block reservation tracking.  I think we are
> > steering in the right direction though.
> >
> >
> OK, pardon my question about test code, that is trivial enough I guess.
> Anyway, the only way I can see to make this work with non-zero offset is to
> hang a list of segment descriptors (offset and size) for each reserved segment
> off of the inode.  Then when a new mapping comes in, we search the segment
> list to see if the new offset and size overlaps with any of the existing
> reserved segments.  If it doesn't, then we make a new reservation (and request
> file system quota) for the current size, and add the current request to the
> reserved segment list.  If it does, and it fits entirely in a previously
> reserved segement, then no change to reservation/quota needs to be made.  If
> it only partially fits, then we need to make a new reservation/quota request
> for the number of new huge pages required and update the overlapping segment's
> length to reflect the new reservation.
> Then in truncate_hugepages() we can search the segment list again, discarding
> full or partial segments that occur either entirely or partially beyond
> "lstart", as appropropriate and doing hugetlb_unreserve() and
> hugetlbfs_put_quota() for the appropriate number of pages.
> This will be quite a bit of code and complexity.  Do we still think this is
> all worth it to follow Andrew's suggestion of no API changes for "allocate on
> fault" hugetlbpages?  It would be a lot cleaner just to return SIGBUS if we
> run out of hugepages and be done with it, in spite of the API change.
> Is there a simpler way to do the correct reservation?  (One could allocate the
> pages at mmap() time, resurrecting hugetlb_prefault(), but zero the pages at
> fault time, this would solve the original problem we ran into at SGI, but
> would not solve Andi's requirement to postpone allocation so NUMA API's can
> control placement.)

I actually started coding yesterday.  It doesn't look too bad (I think).  I will
post it once I finished it up later today or tomorrow.

There are still some oddity in lifetime of the huge page reservation, but that
can be discussed once everyone sees the code.

- Ken

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