Re: Abnormal behaviour towards "INIT" interrupt management

From: Francois Wellenreiter <Francois.Wellenreiter_at_Ext.Bull.Net>
Date: 2004-03-31 16:43:01
>>>What I've noticed using traces (and further an ITP tool) is that for 
>>>each processor the "ia64_monarch_init_handler" is ever called. :-(
>>Are you saying that more than one processor calls
>>ia64_monarch_init_handler()?  If so, I think something
>>is broken.
> Or are you saying that NO processor gets to ia64_monarch_init_handler?

All the processors call the "ia64_monarch_init_handler",
the result is that the same trace appears many times (1 per CPU in fact)
and a kernel oops occurs (I think it is due to a concurrent access
to the same stack without any lock mechanism).

> Just a sanity check ... when you set the ITP breakpoint to catch
> the entry ... you did set it at the *physical* address of this function?

Yes, using Hardware breakpoints. When managing INIT interrupt, SAL calls
the physical address of my function.

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