Re: realfeel4 for libpfm-3.0

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2004-03-30 17:40:50
>>>>> "Yi" == Yi Zhu <Zhu> writes:

Yi> Hi Peter,

Yi> I'm a user of realfeel4.

Yi> Recently SuSE ships SLES 9 beta with 2.6 kernel and libpfm-3.0.
Yi> Since libpfm 3.0 changes its interface from 2.0, I cannot compile
Yi> realfeel4.c. Do you have a version of realfeel4 that works on
Yi> libpfm-3.0?

I haven't yet needed to convert it to the new interface.  It should be
fairly straightforward if you follow the examples in the libpfm3

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