Abnormal behaviour towards "INIT" interrupt management

From: Francois Wellenreiter <Francois.Wellenreiter_at_Ext.Bull.Net>
Date: 2004-03-30 17:02:24

	I've already sent this mail, but receiving no feedback, I try again 
(sorry for people who don't feel concerned by that stuff).
I'd like to report what I estimate a potential bug in the INIT 
management (at the present time I don't know exactly what the origin of 
this problem is).

Testing the "dump" button on a 4-way Itanium-2 machine equipped with a 
SAL 3.0, I've noticed a not-inline with SAL specifications behaviour.
Indeed, in the "ia64_mca_init" function (in arch/ia64/kernel/mca.c file)
we register the functions "ia64_monarch_init_handler" and 

Then I push on the "dump" button that generates an INIT interruption to 
all the processors. This signal is then caught by PAL, and SAL which 
calls (with a reason [register GR11] equal to 2) 
"ia64_monarch_init_handler" on the monarch processor and 
"ia64_slave_init_handler" on the slave ones (to this point, I hope to be 
right, isn't it ?).
What I've noticed using traces (and further an ITP tool) is that for 
each processor the "ia64_monarch_init_handler" is ever called. :-(
Could someone tell me if he already has encountered this problem or if 
it is an expected behavior ?

For information, I've done the same test with a 16-way Itanium-2 machine
with a SAL 3.1 and the result is exactly the same.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


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