Re: sched-domains

From: John Hawkes <>
Date: 2004-03-19 10:35:51
From: "Andrew Morton" <>
> My question is: to what extent have the ia64 NUMA architectural people
> reviewed this code, and what is the risk that someone will come along in
> six months time saying we need to rip it all out?

I am generally happy with the architecture of sched-domains.  The big
advantage I see for large Altix-like NUMA platforms is that much of the
scheduler policy decisions are parameterized in sched_domain fields and are
more easily tuned on a per-architecture and per-platform basis.  In
particular, it is easy to define additional scheduler domains that are larger
than a single node and smaller than all the CPUs in the system, each domain
having its own parameterized characteristics of load-balance frequency, etc.

John Hawkes

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