Re: add lowpower_idle sysctl

From: Andrew Morton <>
Date: 2004-03-18 14:28:21
"Kenneth Chen" <> wrote:
>  > > Logically it means a sysctl entry in /proc/sys/kernel.
>  > Yes, but the *meanings* of the different values of that sysctl need
>  > to be defined, and documented.  If lowpower_idle=42 has a totally
>  > different meaning on different architectures then that's unfortunate
>  > but understandable.  But we should at least enumerate the different
>  > values and try to get different architectures to honour `42' in the
>  > same way.
>  Writing to sysctl should be a bool, reading the value can be number of
>  module currently disabled low power idle.  I think the original intent
>  is to use ref count for enabling/disabling.  (granted, we copied the
>  code from other arch).

OK, so why not give us:

#define IDLE_HALT			0
#define IDLE_POLL			1

and so forth (are there any others?).

Set some system-wide integer via a sysctl and let the particular
architecture decide how best to implement the currently-selected idle mode?

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