Re: Hugetlbpages in very large memory machines.......

From: Andrew Morton <>
Date: 2004-03-14 13:45:47
Andi Kleen <> wrote:
> > We've looked at allocating and zeroing hugetlbpages at fault time, which 
>  > would at least allow multiple processors to be thrown at the problem.  
>  > Question is, has anyone else been working on
>  > this problem and might they have prototype code they could share with us?
>  Yes. I ran into exactly this problem with NUMA API too. 
>  mbind() runs after mmap, but it cannot work anymore when
>  the pages are already allocated.
>  I fixed it on x86-64/i386 by allocating the pages lazily.
>  Doing it for IA64 has been on the todo list too.
>  i386/x86-64 Code as an example attached.
>  One drawback is that the out of memory handling is lot less nicer
>  than it was before - when you run out of hugepages you get SIGBUS
>  now instead of a ENOMEM from mmap. Maybe some prereservation would
>  make sense, but that would be somewhat harder. Alternatively
>  fall back to smaller pages if possible (I was told it isn't easily
>  possible on IA64)

Demand-paging the hugepages is a decent feature to have, and ISTR resisting
it before for this reason.

Even though it's early in the 2.6 series I'd be a bit worried about
breaking existing hugetlb users in this way.  Yes, the pages are
preallocated so it is unlikely that a working setup is suddenly going to
break.  Unless someone is using the return value from mmap to find out how
many pages they can get.

So ho-hum.  I think it needs to be back-compatible.  Could we add

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