kernel update (relative to v2.6.4)

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-03-12 16:58:51
The latest ia64 kernel patch is now available at in file:


Apart from syncing with 2.6.4, this contains various small bug fixes.
If you use ia64 linux on a workstation, I'd definitely recommend using
this patch because it fixes some nasty races in the OHCI USB driver
(used on most HP machines, for example) and a bug in the HID input
driver which could cause a CPU to get stuck when connecting certain
USB devices.  Also, I think Ken's fix for the softirq handling
unexpectedly fixed some sound play-back issues (it's always nice when
a fix shows up before the problem is even tracked down... ;-).

Oh, due to Matthew's patch to switch over to drivers/Kconfig, you'll
have to type "n" a lot when doing "make oldconfig" for the Ski
simulator.  But that should be a one-time event and it's all for the
better.  If you're lazy, you could try:

	$ yes n | make oldconfig

Just don't sue me if this yields a non-working kernel!


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