Re: Virtual memory leaking through IA32 emulation layer for mmap and munmap

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-03-09 11:23:49
>>>>> On Tue, 9 Mar 2004 11:11:04 +1100, Peter Chubb <> said:

>>>>> "Shaun" == Shaun  <> writes:
  Shaun> Hi,

  Shaun> Given that getpagesize() is hardcoded in glibc it returns
  Shaun> 4096, the mmap succeeds and the compatibility layers actually
  Shaun> allocate a full page (the kernel in question has PAGE_SHIFT
  Shaun> set to 14 for a page size of 16K).  However the munmap hits
  Shaun> the following bit of code in sys_ia32.c:

  Shaun> asmlinkage long sys32_munmap (unsigned int start, unsigned
  Shaun> int len) { unsigned int end = start + len; long ret; ...
  Shaun> start = PAGE_ALIGN(start); end = PAGE_START(end);

  Shaun> if (start >= end) return 0;

  Peter>  I think thius may be a bug.  From the man page for munmap:

  Peter>    The address start must be a multiple of the page size. All
  Peter> pages con- taining a part of the indicated range are
  Peter> unmapped, and subsequent ref- erences to these pages will
  Peter> generate SIGSEGV. It is not an error if the indicated range
  Peter> does not contain any mapped pages.

  Peter> This follows the SUS, which means that end should be rounded
  Peter> up not down.

Rounded up to the _page-size_ which is 4KB for x86.  In general, you
can't just round up to 16KB for munmap() or all hell will break lose.

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