Re: IA64 test report: .6.4-rc1-mm2/Lion 2004-3-3: 10/10 pass

From: Bjorn Helgaas <>
Date: 2004-03-04 03:34:59
Is this the same box as the 2.6.4-rc1 test?  I guess not -- the
"Lion 2.6.4-rc1" test claims this:

> ACPI: XSDT (v001 INTEL  SR870BN4 0x01072002 MSFT 0x00010013) @ 0x000000003ff83090

Which looks like an 870-based box (Tiger, maybe)?

This one ("Lion 2.6.4-mm2") looks 460-based:

> ACPI: XSDT (v001  INTEL  SR460AC 0x00000003 MSFT 0x0100000a) @ 0x000000005fe96658
> 4 CPUs available, 8 CPUs total

So 4 of the 8 CPUs are disabled.  Is that what you expect?

> ACPI: LSAPIC (acpi_id[0x01] lsapic_id[0x01] lsapic_eid[0x00] enabled)
> CPU 1 (0x0100) enabled
> CPU 1: base freq=133.333MHz, ITC ratio=12/2, ITC freq=800.003MHz+/--1ppm
> Calibrating delay loop... 797.80 BogoMIPS
> CPU 1: synchronized ITC with CPU 0 (last diff 0 cycles, maxerr 551 cycles)

Hmm...  We still print 5 lines per CPU (tons better than it used to
be), but we have no indication of what processor model it is.  That
seems more useful than some of this stuff.

>  pci_irq-0302 [03] acpi_pci_irq_derive   : Unable to derive IRQ for device 0000:00:03.3
> ACPI: No IRQ known for interrupt pin B of device 0000:00:03.3

Ah, here's our friend the SMBus device.

No USB funnies in this boot.  I guess that's probably due to
the fact that this really isn't the same box as the 2.6.4-rc1

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