Boot param 'mem' with relocated kernel.

From: <>
Date: 2004-03-02 01:42:50

I am trying to load 2.6.1 kernel at 1MB. The  kernel size is 3.6M. 
The page granularity is set to 16Mb for the kernel.  I need to restrict
the memory usage of this kernel. I am trying to do this by using the 
"mem=XXXM" boot parameter. This does not work, and results in a kernel 
panic with the message "Killing idle task" and another panic with
"killing interrupt handler".

The same works fine for a normal kernel(without relocation).

As an alternative, I tried restricting memory by calling the
function. This works fine.

Is there any dependency of the 'mem' parameter on a relocated kernel?
Have I missed out something ? 


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